Young students making news for their unique inventions and winning hearts

We live in a country that’s flooding with young geniuses showcasing their unique talent every day. The young minds work hard through their school and college life and give birth to amazing inventions which turn into a solution for our daily life struggles also called “life hacks”.

So while we are fussing about issues that cannot be helped, let’s take a look and appreciate the efforts of these young minds who have been working to ease our problems silently.

  1. Energy Efficient Car
Energy Efficient Car

Indira Gandhi Technical University had 15 young girls silently working on an amazing product in its campus. In March 2017, these young girls won honours at the Shell Eco Marathon in Singapore for their invention of an energy efficient vehicle. The team was the only all-women team from Asia and was named as ‘Team Panthera’. The 15 engineers won the Perseverance and Spirit of the event award for their creation. The car is called Iris 2.0 and is a three-wheeler which offers a mileage of 300 kmpl.

2. Dairylac

Vaibhav Agarwal, a management graduate co-founded a dairy farm with his software engineer brother and started a new milk revolution in India. They launched their product in a city which consumes 18 lakh litres of milk every day. They claim to supply ‘organic’ milk to more than 2000 families in Delhi (NCR). The brothers own a nine-acre farm in Kuchesar, UP called O’ Leche which is an hour drive to Delhi. They aim to provide farm-fresh milk to people and make them get rid of adulterated products.

  1. Waterless-Bathing

A dream come true for travellers, trekkers and our respectable army men, IIT Delhi student Puneet Gupta came forward with a unique product in the open house of IIT-D this year. Puneet is the founder of Clensta, a bio-tech startup and showcased his innovation of waterless bathing that will help those in water-scarce areas. The product is safe and not just cleanses the body but maintains the PH balance of the skin while keeping it moisturised.

  1. Skin Patch to detect Heart Attack
Akash Manoj

It certainly came as a surprise when a 10th class student came up with such an invention and won many hearts. Akash Manoj developed a skin-patch that helps detect ‘silent heart attacks’. This patch is attached to the ear or the wrist which releases a positive electrical impulse, that further attracts the negatively charged protein released by the heart signalling the heart attack.

  1. Prosthetic Limb

Another IIT-D open house invention of 2018 showcased the unique innovation of its student Ashutosh Tiwari. Ashutosh invented ‘intelligent’ prosthetic limbs which allows knee joint movements similar to real legs. Conventional prosthetics are even unable to use such technique. This invention uses smart sensing that adapts to an individual’s movements with equipped shoes.

These students/inventors not only have provided us with useful products, but also lead the way in making the #MakeInIndia campaign a success.

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