Why India’s premium colleges prefer TheCollegeFever

Being the first platform to have sold online a total of 4 lakh tickets so far, TheCollegeFever’s remarkable journey makes it the best portal for college ticketing needs. The startup is silently capturing a substantial share in the ticketing market and is quite a known name amongst college goers. This is the go-to destination for booking events of IITs, IIMs and many prestigious colleges

While there is a lot going in and around the college campus, it’s sometimes hard to decide where to go and participate. Students aren’t able to grasp on the entire available information about the event and miss certain opportunities. From a number of event and fest choices available to a student, he/she has to pick the one that best suits their interest.

Even the most college-centric, vibrant student misses on certain details or needs some help on planning an entire event. That is the problem TheCollegeFever solves. From being the Google of college ticketing events to being a complete guide on how to plan an event, this startup is the best portal a college student will have.

TheCollegeFever helps in Coordinating Fests, Conducting Workshops or Promoting events for wide coverage and sponsorships. As an event platform, the humble startup takes on the role of making events simple and delightful for college students to participate in. It is very popular among college groups and committees of major Indian institutions. Its complete focus always remains on its target audience – youngsters and college goers.

The reach and footprint of the Bangalore-based startup is also growing swiftly. With almost 2100+ colleges partnered, 6000+ events organized and 4,00,000+ tickets sold over two years, the startup has grown more than 100%, year-on-year, since its inception in 2016. As its Gross Ticket Value earned so far exceeds Rs. 10 Crore, the startup is an undisputed leader when it comes to college events’ ticketing.

Happy with the growth, Kushal Aralihalli, founder of TCF says, “What we have achieved so far is just 5%. The market is huge with 37,000+ colleges across India. We want to scale to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. On the product development, we are working on features to engage our audience on a regular basis. “A lot of user research has been done to provide various opportunities that add significant value to student life – both Professional and Personal”

“Our consistent strategic partnerships with prestigious college events of IIT Bombay, IIT BHU, IIT Rajasthan, IIM Bangalore, IIM Indore, NIT Tirchy and others prove that TheCollegeFever delivers value to college event organisers. Unlike other general event technology platforms, we have created a niche product that is customised to college event organisers. That’s our biggest asset,” added Kushal.

Competing with the likes of biggies like Book My Show and Insider, this niche ticketing platform promises to meet the student expectations and provide the best. Looking at the future, the company aims to grow by another 100% this year. The growth is targeted to be reflective in all terms including the reach, number of events, revenue and profits.

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