WCD to discuss women safety issues with Ola-Uber after repeated harassment cases

Despite repeated complaints, cab drivers harassing women during their commutes mostly seem to get away. WDC writes to Bengaluru Police Commissioner.

Women and Child Development (WCD) ministry has planned a meeting with leading cab aggregators Ola and Uber to address increasing number of cases of crime against women by cab drivers. The meeting is reportedly taking place on Wednesday. Concerned about the spurt in such cases, WCD stated that it would seek greater accountability of such drivers rather than simple dismissal.

Reportedly, the meeting is chaired by Maneka Gandhi (WCD Minister) accompanied by other ministries. The representatives of cab aggregators Ola and Uber would also be joining the meeting. The ministry will be emphasising on proper and thorough background checks of the cab drivers, and ensuring that the ‘child-lock’ feature is disabled in cabs.

WCD had written a letter to Bangalore Police Commissioner after the alleged case of molestation of a woman passenger. The Ola driver had molested and forced the woman to strip while taking pictures of her on his mobile phone. He further threatened her to call his friends and gangrape her. The driver had been arrested and a case filed for the same. WCD wants to ensure such things don’t happen anymore, and strict criminal actions must be taken against these drivers. Security and background checks must be performed before hiring any cab driver.

The ‘new taxi policy guidelines’ of 2017 had specifications such as GPS panic devices and disabling of the child-lock. The ministry is likely to show provisions of these guidelines which also state that the vehicle’s registration number and the driver’s photo and identification details must be on prominent display.

Passenger safety is the most important issue of concern and the harassment cases under no circumstances must be taken lightly.

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