Video Interns Required

We are looking for youngsters with a passion for video journalism and startup reporting. The intern will join the Video team to expand the organization’s visual media offerings.

Interns learn many of the basic skills it takes to be a visual communicator at a progressive startup magazine, working on videos to be featured on founderINDIA website and social media accounts. Interns will also have a front-row seat to founderINDIA’s many events featuring progressive entrepreneurs, law-makers & investors. This internship is best suited for film, photography, and visual journalism students with an electronic media background who are looking for hands-on experience with a fast-paced team. We are keen on experimenting with Mobile Journalism (MOJO). Apply with confidence even if you have no experience as yet.

Roles And Responsibilities:

1. Video stories (mobile journalism – MOJO)
2. Interviews (mobile journalism – MOJO)
3. Editing/packaging (mobile editing/app based – MOJO)


1. Experience
2. Certificate
3. Opportunity



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