TV permanently changes format: Roposo leads the way, Instagram follows suit

Apps with full screen, vertical mobile videos that offer TV-like seamless browsing experience was pioneered by Roposo TV By The People; Instagram’s IGTV offers a similar experience

Roposo Screenshot

Unique innovations by Indian companies have often startled, rather impressed the world – Ramdev’s Patanjali being a modern-day case study. Another innovation that has recently had international brands draw inspiration from is the case of Roposo.

The entire concept of having your phone transform into a TV in a democratic way was first introduced by the Indian startup Roposo with its launch of ‘TV by the People’ in 2017. This idea now finds validation in the form of IGTV, the newly launched app by Instagram, which also offers a similar TV-like viewing experience, and enables users to have their own channels.

Roposo – TV By The People has been on an upswing since the recent launch of its new version last year. The app currently boasts of more than 8.5 million users, 15 million screen views per day, and more than 36 lakh monthly posts.

In recent months, there has been an evident rise in the popularity of video content. Industry analytics show how digital content is the way to go. And Roposo takes a lead here by offering an interesting combination of content sharing and amazing video creation tools like augmented reality.

IGTV Screenshot

One of the most important guidelines in displaying this democracy in terms of content is hyper-localisation. For example, a Telugu user is much comfortable using a social media platform in Telugufor him to express himself properly. The integral level at which Roposo connects different languages and users from tier-2 and tier-3 cities specifically is what will act as the foundation for the growth of content in India.

What gives Roposo an edge is also the way it connects to its user base. “Roposo, being an Indian brand, truly understands what being democratic means. Along with providing a platform for its users to upload content in their regional language, we as an Indian startup understand the responsibility of connecting India to new technology. Keeping that in mind, Roposo has interesting animated desi stickers, augmented reality feature, and is all set to announce several ground breaking innovations,” says CEO and CoFounder of Roposo, Mayank Bhangadia.

The recent validation coming from international players like Instagram, should be a proud moment for all to celebrate the innovation, futuristic approach, and immense potential of Indian startups.

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