Top 5 Indian startups reviving Kama Sutra

Are Indians as a community scared of sex? Here are some startups that are breaking the myth.

The adult lifestyle space is gradually being conquered by Indian online platforms. Every day, new startups are coming up with unique ways to add spice to the secret lives of couples and all that happens behind closed bedroom doors. From offering a range of intimacy-inducing products to acting as a modern-day Kama Sutra guide, these startups are breaking all sex-related taboos in the country and how!

Have a look at these top 5 startups helping Indians explore unique add-ons in their romantic space:

  1. IMBesharam

A trending online portal for sex-toys and items, ImBesharam is the platform for couples seeking help. With Sunny Leone as their brand ambassador, this adult web store is becoming popular among couples each passing day. It offers a line of intimate lingerie, role-play costumes, mood enhancing pheromones sprays and aphrodisiacs, romantic and naughty games, sexual wellness products like lightening creams and tightening gels, energy shots & supplements, and several others. The brand terms itself as an elegant web store and is a must check-out space.


Designed by an IITian, LoveRollers is unique lovemaking furniture to spice up your sex life. Engineered with an amalgamation of mathematical equations of product designing and biological requirements of the human body, it’s an amazing product that’ll not just add voraciousness to one’s sex life but also has a long list of medical and wellness features attached. Interestingly, the couch is delivered to the buyer with a Lovers Guide which includes 100+ Kama Sutra positions. The product, indeed, comes in handy when a couple is looking to try something new. The furniture’s scientific design is also aimed at helping interested couples conceive faster. Also, its aesthetic design makes it great living room furniture.



Privatelyurs is India’s leading online store for sexual wellness products, gifts to amp up one’s intimate life, women’s lingerie and anniversary gifts. Making Indians comfortable with expressions of physical desire, Privatelyurs is breaking all stereotypes around sex. The online portal is helping young couples set their bedroom mood right by adding the elements of imagination and surprise.


  1. StayUncle

Are you a couple looking for some privacy? StayUncle comes to your rescue by helping you book hotel rooms without any hassle in the otherwise conservative India. The startup is all about couple-friendly hotels. With no questions asked, StayUncle allows couples to spend their time together, without any trouble. They have separate day and night time slots to choose from. So, no more worrying about trying to find a place to spend your private time in; As they say, just ask uncle!


Dividing their products into six categories of fun stuff, namely, role-play costumes, sexual enhancement, erotica, first timers and romance, ThatsPersonal is the fun adult webstore you’d want to visit. The startup offers more than 1,500 products and provides the facility of ‘self pick up’ on pre-paid offers. Apart of selling sexual-wellness products, the site is planning to provide education to Indians on which products are suitable for them and how these can help make their sex life more fun.


With an open mind, a supporting partner and a sense of curiosity, any couple can easily incorporate these unique products into their bedroom routine. 


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