Women Entrepreneurs Changing the World

Women Entrepreneurs Changing the World

While the world is flooded with startups fighting hard to make it big, be a unicorn. There are a few women entrepreneurs who have decided to bring change in the society with their startups. Read on…

The fearless and bold statement the women entrepreneurs of today’s time portray is truly an inspiration. Be it anything from education, travel, and fashion to e-commerce, science and the media world, these ladies have reached milestones with their charm and wit.

Here’s a look at some successful women entrepreneurs of the new age world

  1. Richa Kar

Founder of India’s first online lingerie store, Zivame, Richa Kar has an inspiring story to share. Richa once stated lingerie as the most neglected category of an Indian woman’s wardrobe. That’s where her interest spiked and she started doing a lot of consumer research. She chose the E-commerce option to meet the physical barriers of product distribution.

Founded in 2011, the platform over the years has gained faithful customers and a lot of love!


  1. Shradha Sharma

Founder and chief editor of the one-stop destination of young startups and entrepreneurs – YourStory, Shradha Sharma is one of the many powerful faces behind success. Founded in 2008, the online news portal has come a long way with more than 15000 entrepreneurial stories published. An ambitious woman, Shradha has emerged as a leader and role-model to many women.

We are inspired by her talent and hard work, and want to see her reach new heights.

  1. Swati Bhargava

We would love to introduce Swati as the one who’s in love with numbers. With her love for mathematics, Swati started the successful cash-back business with her husband in UK, and later expanding in India. The very talented Swati has won numerous scholarships and headed the 3000 member business society as London School of Economics.

With her business growing fast, Swati says she has loved her journey. A truly inspiring story of an amazing yoga-loving lady!

  1. Radhika Ghai Aggarwal

The one who respects her big and small milestones, the co-founder of shopclues Radhika is a major face of entrepreneurship. Starting with a 10 people team in 2011, Radhika is armed with great entrepreneurial experience from the past. She single handedly ran Fashion Clues for 3 years starting in 2007. Her focus on small details and customer satisfaction is what makes her a great leader.

Rebelling and breaking stereotypes since her childhood, Radhika has been tackling challenges gracefully.

  1. Sabina Chopra

The co-founder of Yatra believes in enjoying what you do. Having worked with Japan airlines and ebooker in the past, Sabina co-founded one of India’s biggest online travel agency. She’s the one powerful businesswoman under whom the company is counted among the leading travel websites in India. Her saying is that – she’s in the game to win it, and so she has.An inspiring role-model for many, Sabina’s story teaches us how to never miss an opportunity.


The new generation of inspiring women will forever be thankful to such women for their amazing share of guidance.

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