Tata Motors might be re-launching Nano as an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are almost non-existent in the market with people preferring future mobility and autonomous vehicles. This diffuses the rest of the auto world.

Launched 10 years ago in 2008, world’s cheapest car’s production is expected to be discontinued starting 2019. Tata Nano’s production numbers showed a decline while producing just 1-unit last month down from 275 in the same month last year. There were no exports, as compared to 25 in June 2017. The company however said that no decision has been yet on the discontinuation.

Tata Nano

A Tata Motors spokesperson said, “We are well aware that the Nano in its present form cannot continue beyond 2019 and may need fresh investments to survive. No decision has been made yet in this regard.” The iconic budget car was launched at an initial price of 1 lakh to attract customers. The price went up since then and is currently available at an initial price of 2.47 lakh and above. “Meanwhile, we continue to produce Nano catering to customer demand in key markets.” The spokesperson added. Another issue the Tata Motors faced was in October 2009 when many incidents of Nano cars catching fire came into light. This led to the low sales of the car.

Meanwhile, Tata Motors recently designed an electric mobility division focusing on the promising market for big business. The company plans on offering complete solutions while keeping in mind the cost and range of the product. Reportedly, while Tata Motors offers the car, Tata Power will be setting up charging stations with Tata Realty helping build an infrastructure for workshops and garages to set up the EV stations. Tata Motors was also the lowest price bidder in the government’s order for 10,000 electric vehicles. The company has been trying to convince the government to come up with an EV policy to drive adoption.

In order to revive Ratan Tata’s dream of the “People’s car”, it is believed that Tata Nano will be re-launched as an electric vehicle. Although not confirmed, Tata Motor’s new innovation will be the most looked forward once launched.

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