Coming Soon: India’s First TV Talk Series on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Hard Fork – a talk show that discusses all things crypto, everything blockchain.

We are super excited to announce one-of-a-kind talk show that will dive deep into the issues of the sector, intricacies of the subjects, and outlook of the leaders from the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned for Hard Fork with Shantanu Sharma: A chat show series with the bigwigs of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain; to be aired on Amazon fireTV.

About the Show

This show is about all things Crypto, and everything Blockchain.

While a lot is heard and written about these buzzwords, there is very little really understood about them. We want to demystify this technology and walk around the hype and buzz. We will bring the best and worst of this space by talking to the top thinkers and entrepreneurs of the industry in India and overseas. With topics covering the different Blockchains, their pros and cons, Bitcoins, Altcoins, mining, products and other technology developments, investing, trading, and ICOs, we hope to showcase the Indian perspective about this industry.

India has phenomenal potential in this space. But most of us are still not aware of our own capabilities – the people involved, the work being done, the challenges we face, our trials and triumphs, and why half the world believes that this new technology is the future.

With this show – Hard Fork – we want to raise awareness, inspire learning, showcase achievements, discover innovations, provide advocacy, find solutions, and answer questions about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

About the Host

Shantanu is the founder of InCryptt Labs, a boutique Blockchain and Cryptocurrency firm, and conducts workshops, seminars, education programs and round-table discussions on Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and related technologies.

He has known and understood about Bitcoins from 2011, but really started deep diving into this field in 2016. He is now a Certified Bitcoin Professional and has also completed a short course on Digital Currency from University of Nicosia.

An entrepreneur and business professional with over 20 years of experience in business development with MNCs like NIIT, PwC and Polaris, Shantanu started his career as a Pilot with the Indian Air Force. He still has the fighter fire under his wings, likes to lead from the front, and always finds exciting ways to deal with work and competition. His fight and flight continue to soar in the sky of Blockchain Cryptocurrency world.

  1. Linda 2 weeks ago

    Shantanu is a true gem in the blockchain space! I can only imagine that Hard Fork will bring the same honesty and lack of bias that we have seen, not only from Shantanu, but from the people he surrounds himself with. Education with the best interests of the community at heart is priceless! As the President/CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, it is my pleasure to support Shantanu’s efforts, and at the Chamber we are excited to see the growth and quality of the blockchain community in India as it is led by upstanding and passionate leaders like Shantanu Sharma!

  2. Raman Malhotra 2 weeks ago

    Shantanu is a super guy. I have known him and done business with him for about 2 years now and his understanding and sense of detailing with respect to the crypto world is exemplary.

    Here’s wishing him all the best!

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