Suresh Prabhu discusses women empowerment and more in a live chat

Union minister Suresh Prabhu recently used digital platform ‘Facebook Live’ to reach out to people across India and address questions on Startup India, a government campaign that aims to build a strong eco-system for nurturing innovation and startups in the country

Leveraging digital technology, Suresh Prabhu drew attention to 5 major points.

“Women participation is not as high as it should be”

The minister emphasized on the need to have more women joining the work force and entrepreneurship. He stated that women’s participation is very important not just in startups, but in the Indian economy as a whole. Even though it is not as high as it should be, the government is working on addressing this problem.

“If You Have a Good Idea, Not Having a Mentor Shouldn’t Get In The Way Of Your Success”

The union minister stated that finding a mentor is essential, but finding the right mentor changes game.  He informed his audience that the central government is working on mentorship programme for startups. He also believes that a startup can be successful without a mentor too if there is good idea. He also added that self-confidence is a must for success.

“Regulations should change with time”

Suresh Prabhu focused on the ‘change’ factor and its importance in the modern times. He explained that the government had developed regulations based on an understanding of the market and the system which has prevailed over a period of time. He stressed that the Startup regulations must be dynamic in nature and desired change is important.

“The Commerce Ministry Is Looking At the Development of Agritech”

The minister reminded the audience of the focus of the government on agriculture and doubling the income of farmers by the year 2022. He stated that the commerce ministry has considerable expertise in agro policy. He also said that the government is working on enabling shipment of perishable products across India. In this context, he said that the aviation ministry was exploring options like airlifting goods to places in India and globally.

“We organise many startup yatra initiatives”

In order to encourage and boost startups, the Government has been organizing startup yatras, stated Prabhu. He told that one such event was held recently in Gujarat. He said that the government wants to involve more people in the startup initiatives and create awareness.

“The sky is the limit for startups” Prabhu signed off of FB-live

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