Social Startups – working towards the betterment of India

In an effort to bring a positive social change in the country, some people have put all their determination and energy towards the betterment of India.

While there are a number of startups dedicated on working towards technology, AI or Machine learning, many social sector startups are keen on working for the society. These startups have taken a step forward for a reason that is important to them. From the effort to eradicate poverty, to make sure everyone gets the education they deserve, these startups are constantly working on the neglected social issues faced by the country.

Let’s have a look at some such startups who want nothing but wellness for our country.

  1. Sukhibhava

With an aim to create awareness about menstrual health while also providing affordable sanitary pads to women from underprivileged communities, Sukhibhava was founded. The Bengaluru based social enterprise wants to create a change in the way people think and feel about menstruation.

Unfortunately, about 88% of Indian women do not have access to proper sanitary napkins and instead use old rags, plastic, leaves, ash, newspaper and sawdust which gives them nothing but infections. The Sukhibhava team says that the improper disposal of sanitary pads is also a cause of issue.

The Sukhibhava initiative has built a mobile app for locally trained female micro-entrepreneurs who educate women of the slums about menstruation and provide them with affordable menstrual hygiene products. Every month more than 18,000 women are reached by the startup and over 28,000 women Bengaluru and Uttarakhand are educated.

  1. Svadha

Svadha was founded by Garima Sahai, a former lawyer and world bank specialist, in 2014. The organisation is supported under the Toilet Board Coalition’s first Toilet Board Accelerator program. This social organisation has established an army of entrepreneurs to provide access to quality, affordable and sustainable sanitation solutions, according to their website.

The startup aims on making people forego the old beliefs about toilets. They move across rural India with an aim of tackling water, sanitation and hygiene problems.

The startup’s local entrepreneurs have established one-stop shops that offer all sanitation solutions at affordable prices. They provide the rural people with sustainable waste management solututions.

  1. Village Financial Services

Village Financial Services (VFS) is a microfinance company registered as an NBFC-MFI under Reserve Bank of India. Founded in 2005 in Kolkata, VFS helps local women entrepreneurs to improve their economic status by providing them credit for income generating activities.

NBFC-MFIs are the only regulated financial institutions in the country which give unsecured loans to the borrowers from low income households. These institutions fill an unfunded credit gap for women who do not have the wherewithal to provide collateral or security of any sort.  The aim of NBFC-MFIs is to build sustainable livelihoods. Through providing last mile financial services even to clients in remote rural areas, these institutions promote the Government’s financial inclusion agenda.

VFS has touched many lives by helping women to become economically self-sufficient. The organisation is present in 10 states including West Bengal, Bihar Jharkhand, Assam, Tripura, Sikkim and Orissa and covers over 50 districts through 188 branch offices. The startup has positively impacted the lives of over 3 lakh women by extending micro-credit for income generation activities thus giving them a chance to realise their dreams and improve their quality of life.

  1. Alma Nourisher

One of the top startups in ensuring a child’s socio-emotional well-being, Alma Nourisher addresses India’s child nutrition problems. Founded in 2016, the organisation visions vision to bridge the nutrition gap among children by empowering appropriate nourishment combined with regular physical activities.

Alma Nourisher offers guidance, knowledge, understanding and application-oriented activities for parents and children at a small annual fee of ₹300. The startup has partnered with Pre-schools/Schools and help them to structure the nutrition program, create intervention among parents and create a healthy school environment and healthy children.

“We bring in nutrition intervention by engaging and educating the families,” the company says. The company aims to educate families about nutrition and empower children to develop lifelong healthy eating habits with a fun approach. Their phases of service support good nutrition by incorporating nutrition intervention and building awareness.

  1. Feeding India

Feeding India is a not-for-profit organization which aims to solve the problem of hunger, malnutrition and food waste in the country. The organisation channelizes extra food from weddings, restaurants and corporate offices to the vulnerable population who really need it.

Feeding India was founded by Ankit Kawatra who quit his corporate job in 2014 with a vision to end hunger and poverty in India. The organisation’s volunteers collect the unused food from parties etc. and donate it to the needy. The NGO also serves freshly cooked food or raw grains to their partnered shelter homes and beneficiaries.

In order to ensure that the food is fresh, the organisation performs certain quality checks like PH value. They make sure that the place where the unused food is coming from is located within a radius of 5km, to save transportation time. They also ensure that the food is consumed within 90 minutes.

New talented startups have shown their interest in working towards the betterment of the country and have given up their jobs in order to do so. These young minds must be appreciated for their work and supported throughout their journey.

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