NEWS ALERT: GST System Services Will Be Interrupted

GSTN is tentatively planning Disaster Recovery Drill of GST System

GST portal will be down.

GST Network is planning a Disaster Recovery Drill of GST System on Saturday, 02nd June 2018.  GST system services will NOT be available between 09:00 to 15:00 Hrs. this Saturday. Entrepreneurs & Finance professionals are suggested to plan their GST related activities on GST portal accordingly. 

Whatever be the reason, the GST portal has been criticised since its inception. The transition of India’s tax system from the earlier complex structure to a simple, unified tax slab equally faced the ire of business, media and common people. Experts say that the system never worked seamlessly and despite so many months gone by, the portal is full of bugs, is extremely slow and non-responding most of the time.

Many business houses have reported considerable losses and inconvenience because of the faulty system and delays in filing returns over the platform.

While on one side, India claims to be the software super-supplier for the whole world and well known for its expertise in the sector, the programmers seem to have failed when the nation needed them the most. Other stakeholders say that it’s the problem with the specific firm that has helped the government doing GST task. There’s a success story example of Income Tax available. The system for that tax collection was developed by another rival firm has been far more robust, seamless and efficient. Maybe, the Modi government made a wrong choice.

The finance minister has been repeatedly reported by various business forums and groups about the difficulties being faced with the GST portal. It’s high-time when Arun Jaitley, the finance minister to Indian government should take a stand and make the system better.

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