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“Many a time in our professional lives, there comes a moment where one realizes a gap in the market, completely untapped. Many a time on such a realization, one doesn’t pursue it. While working with, one of the ecommerce ventures which couldn’t sustain the cash raise pace for the cash burn race, I encountered one such gap in the Indian home décor space”, says Tanvi Aggarwal the Founder of


In India, we are an international hub of hand-made home décor items. That’s the good bit. The bad bit is that the mass population in India has no access to these products. A large portion of our traditional handcrafted products are exported and the fraction which manages to the reach the markets is priced so exorbitantly, that we obviously gravitate towards the cheaper priced machine and mass manufactured products. Some of us even end up buying made in India products during our overseas travels!

While it is understandable that hand made products would be priced above machine made, given the time and skill required and higher percentage of rejects viz. machine production, the price and quality gap between handcrafted and machine made products in India is indigestible. Armed with the art of sourcing honed at and a knack of curating home décor products, I launched in October 2017.

Our USP is simple – hand-made products, traditional techniques, millennial designs, top notch quality, reasonable pricing!

I travelled the length and breadth of India hunting for the products which resonate with me. Like any other startup entrepreneur, I had reservations of offering something too unique and niche which doesn’t appeal to my customers. But I went with my gut in crafting products which I found one of a kind and would love in my home and hoped that my customers would love in their homes as well.

For those of you who might be wondering that why would these export oriented artisans be interested in engaging with a newbie like me; all my artisans were very excited to be able to finally sell their products at their home turf. I am especially proud of the products sourced from Assam and Manipur (North East)! Each technique is delicate and beautiful passed down from generations and very unique to India.

Every day at brings a lesson, be it in website designing or product shoots or SEO or internet marketing or logistics. Some of the initial days when I was desperately waiting for first signs of acceptability of the products were very difficult. But it is all worth it when a customer makes it a point to style, shoot and flaunt your product in their homes.

Being a woman running a growing ecommerce venture and balancing married life hasn’t been easy but the joy of seeing your ideas and dream come to reality and people you have never met, trusting your brand is truly fulfilling.

HouseOfEkam for me is not just a business, it is a part of me. With the level of personal attention I give at each step, right from sourcing to styling/shooting to marketing and finally to shipping them, HouseOfEkam is a labour of love. Born with a genuine desire to supply quality Indian hand-made home products at reasonable prices in Indian homes, I hope to see a little bit of HouseOfEkam in your home as well.

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  1. I sharma 9 months ago

    I love house of ekam!! These Guys have shipped me such beautiful indian designs that wiuld cost me a fortune for the same quality here in london. Thanks house of ekam!!

    – i. Sharma, london

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