LoveRollers: Startup-de-Erotica

This startup by a Delhi IITian is spicing up the lives of Indians.

Selecting gifts for the couple tying knots is never an easy job. And if you want to pick something that actually stands out from the clutter, choices are pretty limited. We found an interesting option worth considering. It’s the lovemaking furniture – LoveRollers.

Designed by an IITian, LoveRollers is lovemaking furniture engineered with an amalgamation of mathematical equations of product designing and biological requirements of the human body. It’s something that the couple will cherish more than any other gifts they receive and hence remember you more often than any other person.

Design Marvel

Loverollers is an engineering marvel achieved with extensive research and development by a team of IITians. They have used world’s finest high density foam to create an exception support system for couples. The density or firmness of the foam has been meticulously calculated to be kept perfect.

You can actually see and feel the beauty in every LoveRollers design piece. It’s an amazing product that’ll not just add voraciousness to the sex life of the newly-wed but also has a long list of medical and wellness features attached.

Added Spice

As they say, the pleasure that comes with the experience of the five senses assisted by the mind together with the soul holds the key. But then there is science that helps create that magic and supports your fantasies. LoveRollers comes will come-in handy when the couple is filled with zeal to try different things. 100+ Kama Sutra position are possible to enjoy with the help of LoveRollers.

The couch’s unique and elegant design is aimed at taking couples on an exquisite and life-changing journey.

Future Perfect

LoveRollers are not only lovemaking furniture but also supporting elements for conceiving baby. Medical practitioners have certified the products and recommend for the couples planning having kids.

It is a gift worth considering if you want to add some extra spark to the love life of the wedding couple and stand out from the crowd that’s gifting the usuals.

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