Looking for Smart Virtual Assistants? Here’s Why Startup Wishup Offers Intelligent Support

Wishup: A Compelling Growth Story

Wishup was launched in 2017 with its present business model, of outsourcing VAs to help busy professionals and business owners. The whole aim behind this unique startup is to provide smart assistants, as and when you need them. Connecting business owners with smart assistants, the startup provides valuable human capital to ensure talent management is no longer a concern. Whether you’re running a business, or a busy professional practice, Wishup has the right VA for the job. Assigning all time-consuming and mundane tasks to a virtual assistant frees up time, and brings back work-life balance. For a busy entrepreneur or professional, Wishup offers a goldmine of talent to harness, and grow in a strategic direction.

Wishup offers a cogent and comprehensive HR solution for professionals and business owners who have no time to screen resumes or candidates. It hires, trains and manages talented, qualified, experienced and skilled VAs to bring about a change in the way tasks are accomplished. Handling multiple business functions or requirements, professionals and business owners put in long hours at work. But the barrage of unanswered emails and phone calls never seems to end. This is why Wishup is the right choice. If you want to stay relevant in a competitive corporate ecosystem, Wishup has the right talent sourcing capabilities to meet your ever-growing needs.

What Wishup Offers

Wishup offers trained and experienced VAs for a fee of INR 10,999/- per month. Essential but time consuming and monotonous tasks can easily be managed by your Wishup VA. This includes management of leads, building an email database, schedule and project management, online research, managing a cluttered inbox and a busy itinerary. Setting up social media reminders, responding to updates, comments and shares can be equally hard. The VA makes it so easy. All you need to do is allocate a task list and the VA can then provide the services you seek, including:

  • Social media marketing
  • Managing Blogs
  • Managing tasks for Authors and Life Coaches
  • Research and Administrative Tasks
  • Accountancy and book-keeping
  • Travel assistance
  • Email management
  • Personal Assistance
  • Taking Care of Recruitment
  • Handling customer support
  • Project management

All your research needs linked to travel, product sales, database, trend or web presence are taken care of by Wishup research VAs.  Your Virtual Administrative Assistant can tackle challenges such as mailbox management, task scheduling, track expenses, handle logistical concerns and inbound query resolution. A Travel VA can book flight tickets, arrange schedules, manage accommodation arrangements and plan your business trip to perfection. Social media virtual assistants handle all your social media requirements from SMO to SMM, online reputation management to managing online visibility. If numbers are hard to add up, take on Wishup’s book-keeping VAs to manage your accounting and audit reports. Email management, personal assistance, customer support or even marketing and recruitment are some other areas Wishup VAs specialize in. From project management to schedule allocations, there’s literally no task a VA cannot manage.

How It Works

Wishup.coEntrepreneurs and professionals choose VAs because outsourcing tasks offers monetary benefits as compared to hiring full-time employees. If you do the math, you realize virtual assistants are easily more productive and cost efficient, compared to employees. Sharing a VA between multiple clients brings the costs down further. On the other hand, many trained and skilled professionals prefer to work remotely. This offers freedom, independence and a chance to work for multiple employers. So, it’s a win-win outcome on both the demand and the supply side too.

The clients can customize the hours they want the VA for and a personal subscription is drawn up monthly, quarterly and yearly accordingly. To understand the requirements, Wishup also conducts client onboarding calls. Finally, once the requirements and tasks are identified, clients can use chat-based mobile or web apps to communicate with their Wishup VA. Client and VA apps also have inbuilt rating systems so that a clear feedback is available.

Why Choose Wishup ?

With talented VAs on board, Wishup.co also has a team which works behind the scenes. This includes professionals from fields like marketing, technologies, operations and design. Their app including the UX and UI interface is also a unique aspect of the services they offer. The team has a group of mentors from noted companies like Wildcraft, NearBuy, Genie and Rocket Internet. The backing of noted corporate leaders like Mato Peric adds further value to the quality of services Wishup offers. Growing rapidly since inception, Wishup offers a wide range of services to meet client needs and requirements, and is also planning to make the transition to B2B offerings too. Focusing on what matters most becomes easy, if a VA is there to take care of all your everyday needs and requirements. Whether there are recurring tasks or essential items on your to-do list, Wishup VAs can get it done!

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