Leading Cab Aggregator Uber Launches 5mb App Uber Lite

Launched in Delhi, Jaipur and Hyderabad, the application is in pilot stage currently. For now, it accepts cash payments only.

For the first time in India, Uber launches slim version of its main app, Uber Lite, to meet the needs of the emerging Indian markets. With less than 5mb of download size, the Uber app has been redesigned into a simple and faster version that works on low connectivity.

The app is redesigned for Indian android users and was launched on Tuesday. Manik Gupta, Vice President and Head of Product at Uber stated that the products and features needed to be built according to the requirements of the Indian Market. They noticed that there were people still using 2g internet data and frequently running out of storage. Close to 70% people use older model of smartphones that are unable to carry the app. Uber Lite will be easy to handle by most smartphones, saving data and storage.

Uber is the leading cab aggregator app around the world, has around 75 million active riders, and covers around 1.5 million rides in one day. The company needed to reach every corner of the country where people found it difficult to use the app. Addressing India as one of the most relevant and important markets, the team wanted to add innovation to their services. Uber Lite comes with a ‘guided pick-up’ option that involves easy choice while pick up with minimum typing.

Uber has been winning in the Asian market and has brought many innovations for the local markets, from accepting cash payments to opening call facility. Uber has also re-entered the auto hailing market of India. It has launched the driver app and Uber Eats app in various parts of the country. Irrespective of facing criticism and controversies for its work culture and multiple driver strikes, Uber has kept taking steps forward to make its riders and driver partners happy.

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