Interview with Gaurav Singh, founder LoveRollers, on creating a product that makes curious Indians talk about sex!

Whether it’s an incredible honeymoon sex you’re after, or a soulful love making experience, this couch is going to be your best friend to achieve all your conquests. Look no further, as LoveRollers has introduced India’s first range of furniture, exclusively designed for love making!

The products are designed by Delhi IIT graduate, Gaurav Singh.  In an exclusive interview, we talk to him about what made him come up with the unique product and what will keep this product alive in modest India.

Gaurav was clearly passionate about his ideas and venture and lively throughout our meet. Filled with ideas and enthusiasm for his product, his confidence and openness while talking about sex, sure attracted us.

Excerpts of the interview:

FI: What inspired you to come up with such an unconventional product?

Gaurav: I always observed that most tech developers only focus on Deep Technology projects like ‘Deep Thinking’ and ‘Deep Networking’ but nobody thought towards making a relationship deeper. This made me think of what I can do for the people in love, with my knowledge of tech.

We came up with this idea of adding enhancement to lovemaking and help them experience ‘Deep Love’.

Apart from this, my surroundings have always inspired me. I come from the city of Taj Mahal and was always surrounded with creativity and love.

FI: So Taj Mahal inspired you to think about sex! How would you explain that?

Gaurav: (laughs) Well, it inspired me to create something unique. It’s the creativity that makes me passionate about the idea. So much designing happened around me while I was growing up. I just wanted to design something on my own. It’s what goes on in the heart of a product designer!

FI: India being a modest country, don’t you feel people might shy away from the idea?

Gaurav: It certainly was a tough job explaining my parents about my venture, let alone anyone else. They sure understood after the explanation and now see my venture as a business model. It was also very difficult explaining my workers of what I need while designing the couch, as many would shy away after knowing the aim behind it.

We designed a convertible variant for couples who have difficulty explaining the product to the society. They can use the couch when they want to and later detach it into two independent blocks that keep separately, and save the embarrassment.

I believe that the new India is growing and opening up in terms of sex and gradually we all will be able to talk about it openly. Shying away and remaining hush about this topic is expected, but I am positive about my startup’s growth.


FI: Do both the genders equally participate while buying the product, or is it all men?

Gaurav: (laughs) No! Our products serve multiple purposes and LoveRollers has a huge target audience. We have got amazing response from couples all across the country. LoveRollers has generated amazing interest across the demographics. We are getting queries and orders from all genders. Even the people with varied kind of sexual orientation are showing interest in LoveRollers. Unexpectedly, the orders are not limited to any particular gender or segment.


The Plug and Play couch

FI: So what is the basic response like, when people buy it?

Gaurav: We have booked more than 100 LoveRollers products so far with awesome feedback. We are also improving and improvising our product based on the user feedback. We are receiving queries everyday from India as well as abroad. While most Indians made us create the Plug and Play version, queries from abroad expected more innovation.

All in all, there is an abundance of requests and queries.


FI: Why did you feel that there was a need of creating different furniture for sex? People will enjoy sex on any bed!

Gaurav: (laughs) Sure they enjoy it. But if there is a scope of enjoying something better, wouldn’t you want to try it?

Ancient India royals probably had different furniture options and used loads of cushions, support, etc. to achieve those KamaSutra positions. Flat beds dont’s support most of the positions or the preparation to make them happen is a tedious and boring task. That simply kills the fun of it. LoveRollers help couples achieve 100+ positions from the very go of it. With the kind of libido left in today’s stressful world, timing and experimentation are the keys, and LoveRollers solves exactly that.

FI: Do you feel Indians will become vocal about sex and sexual needs with the launch of products like yours?

Gaurav: Yes, definitely. As I said, it takes time but we are living in a progressing country. It always takes one to start talking about something unconventional and others follow. We all have curious minds and want to explore new ways to spice up our Lovemaking sessions. With ventures like mine, we give them a start or a push and they start talking about it. I aim on reaching the roots of India and changing the backward mentality step-by-step.


FI: We love the fact that you’re trying to kill the stigma attached to sex. Are other products like sex toys doing the same thing?

Gaurav: Yes they are. Why my product has an edge over ‘sex toys’ is that it has other features as well. Not just enjoying sex, it makes you do it right. It helps the pregnant mothers and women with period cramps. Talking about sex openly and educating about sex are two different things and we focus on both.

FI: The man used his brain! So lastly I want to ask that how do you picture your near future with this startup?

Gaurav: (smiles)We are finding ways to add more innovation in the product every day. Our vision is to replace all traditional furniture with LoveRollers products. We have exciting plans for next 5 years including international tie-ups, infrastructure setup, team building and expansion in the Asian market.


India is the 5th most sexually active country in the world. With global sexual wellness industry expecting to cross $ 52 Billion mark, Gaurav Singh sure used his brain! This is already an untapped market of $ 450 Million.

So the saying is right, Sex does sell!

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