India gets its First Coworking Space with a Bar

Punching its competitors right where it hurts, Sudeep Singh, the CEO of GoWork, opened doors to India’s first co-working space with a bar and lounge. Both, the international and domestic players who recently added huge inventories and loads of feature-packed spaces can’t possibly deny being floored by this masterstroke.

Adding heat to the already buzzing segment of co-working spaces, on its 1st anniversary, GoWork raised the bar further. They launched a premium floor with “build-to-suit” offices. First time in India, this coworking campus will have an In-house BAR & LOUNGE. 500-seat,  luxury floor located on the 7th floor of the existing campus will be for premium clientele. 

Much awaited offer for startups and huge risk-involved proposition for coworking spaces couldn’t have come from anyone else but Sudeep. He’s known for out-of-box thinking and dangerous courses that he takes. GoWork’s first facility was and is still the largest co-working space in the world with an area of 4.5 lakh square feet and a capacity to seat 7000 people. Located just a 100 meters away from it is GoWork’s second unit located at 108; with a seating capacity of 5000 people and an area of 3.5 lakh square feet, the campus is the second largest co-working space in the world. This 108 is now also India’s 1st cowork facility with an in-house bar.

Work in Style

Aimed at enhancing the experience of its high-end clients, consisting of global powerhouses, the premium floor will offer Go-Work’s signature built-to-suite offices and incomparable amenities, apart from a unique, tastefully designed island bar replete with spirits sourced from across the globe.

The co-working giant owns the world’s largest co-working space sprawled over 8 lakh square feet with a capacity of 12,000 seats across its two offices in Gurugram and top clienteles like, Paytm, Zomato, Impactify etc.  Through best-in-class amenities and facilities for its SME, MSME, freelancer and corporate clients, GoWork has already established itself as an innovative disrupter in India’s burgeoning co-working ecosystem. With this launch, it is furthering its vision to increase the profitability of emerging businesses by providing them state-of-the-art facilities. The brand also aims to raise $ 200mn during its next funding round, focusing specifically on PE investors. Aiming for a strong funding round, GoWork plans to utilize the funds acquired to realize its massive expansion, which includes establishing at least 50 GoWork centers across the country in the next 5 years.

Commenting on the launch, Sudeep Singh, Chief Evangelist and CEO, GoWork, said, “It gives us great pleasure to be marking a year of our operations with the launch of our premium floor packed with a range of assorted amenities. The millennial worker requires more than cramped up offices and run-of-the-mill work environments. These professionals no longer want to clock in the regular 9-5 and head home as soon as possible. Thanks to our wide range of services and flexible working options at attractive prices, numerous high-end, global players are eyeing our workspaces to boost productivity and profitability. We are happy to create specialized offerings such as an island bar, sleeping pods and crèche for these premium clients, in order to help them achieve their professional, organizational as well as personal goals. Through our launch event, we hope to reach out to our valued clients and introduce them to our premium offerings and keep building on the community of start-ups and professionals we have developed in our co-working campuses.”

Now the startups don’t need to rush to Goa for a beer accompanying work option. Gurugram has an option to offer, only if you can afford it. It’s a premium floor by GoWork at 108. 

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