एक मुख्यमंत्री के ट्विटर हेंडल के धन्यवादों की कहानी

हरियाणा सीएमओ के ट्विटर हैंडल से अकसर नकली दिखने वाले धन्यवाद और प्रशंसाओं को रीट्वीट किया जाता है। क्या मुख्यमंत्री जी संज्ञान लेंगे?

While Twitter has started a crackdown on fake, bogus & bot accounts, there continues the curious case of ‘gratitude-retweet-relationship’ between Haryana CM’s twitter handle and dubious twitter accounts. Chief Minister ML Khattar’s official handle @cmoharyana shows an undeviated pattern. Let’s take a look…

Following @cmoharyana since long we noticed a frequent retweet of ‘thanks’ marked to the state for respective complaint redressals. These suspicious looking complaints were tweeted to the CM. The tweet is then followed by even more suspicious looking resolutions to the respective problems with thanks marked to Khattar and the same tweet is then retweeted by his official handle. What’s interesting about the tweets is that mostly these are the only two twitter actions done by the account holders. A ‘complaint’ and a ‘thanks’.

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What’s more interesting is the harsh reality that follows such celebratory tweets. People who have actively tweeted their problems numerous times and haven’t seen any resolution start questioning the process. They refuse to believe that while their problems don’t see any resolution despite numerous tweets and complaints, there are people with twitter account opened for two tweets only feeling happy about how the government is working.

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Even more disturbing is the fact that instead of making Mr. CM aware of the harsh realities on the ground his party leaders are supporting the fake feel-good being created on social media. They are to understand that it does not help the government a bit. Instead, immense harm can be expected in the upcoming general and later the assembly elections.

We raise the concern as for sure the handle is being run and managed at the taxpayers’ expense. If the activities are dubious and doubtful in nature, we need to question that. Fake and artificial feel-good serves little. Am sure, even the chief minister must not be aware of such lapses and would not appreciate this flattery.

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While the socially active young population of Gurugram, the IT hub of Haryana continuously shares government’s apathy and failure of administration on social media, head of the state’s twitter handle keeps pushing a doubtful narrative. On the ground, the actual picture looks grim. Projects are stuck, the administration is inactive. Even the central government’s schemes that were good enough to provide some relief to the people and be the state government’s claim to fame are falling flat because of the minor roadblocks which they couldn’t overcome. In Gurugram itself, underpasses are stuck, Dwarka expressway incomplete, toll plaza issue unresolved. But then @cmoharyana looks contended with a long list of dubious ‘thanks’ to retweet. 

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