Haryana Government A Big Failure: Harinder Dhingra

Harinder Dhingra is the man who is single-handedly shattering the image of Haryana Government by way of proving scams worth more than Rs.57,000 Crore facing little or no action. The documentary evidence that he is in possession of raise serious concerns and questions on the integrity and efficiency of Manohar Lal Khattar. Entering the election year, the allegations will make the path of BJP a tough one in the state of Haryana.

While the Haryana Government is celebrating its 4th anniversary of coming to power the renowned RTI activist shattered all the claims of the chief minister, Manohar Lal Khattar with proof of inefficiency and failure.

In an exclusive interview with founderINDIA Dhingra showed documentary evidence of scams worth more than Rs.57,000 Crore that have been unearthed by him but finds no action being taken by the government. Dhingra claims that the scams, of which a major part probably happened without much involvement of the present government are almost proven. The government only has to take action against the culprits. That’s exactly where the chief minister Khattar has failed.

“This chief minister is one of the weakest leaders who has come to power in Haryana. Bureaucracy is beyond his control and the administration is enjoying a free run,” says Dhingra.

In his interview, the RTI activist, who has filed thousands of RTI applications in the last few years, showed a long list of cases where the action is pending or deliberately delayed by the state government. Harinder Dhingra is single-handedly leading the campaign against inactions and inefficiency of the government. He has filed more than 9,000 RTI application, all in the interest of the public.

Entering the election year, the serious allegations as levelled by Dhingra may prove to be fatal for BJP in Haryana. 

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  1. Dr Kul Bhushan 6 months ago

    Really very useful and very informative post. Sh Harinder Dhingra is “Lion ” in real life.

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