Electric Vehicle manufacturers suggest Govt to make short term plans for the industry

While the PM visions to make India an electric vehicle nation by 2030, the country is already working in the direction. The department of heavy industries has set a sales target to 4% of increasing the number of EVs in the next 5 years.

On Tuesday, in an Executive Council meeting attended by many senior officials of various ministries, the Society of Electric Vehicles Manufacturers (SMEV) insisted on making short term policies to help EV manufacturers. They asked the government to help them achieve the target of 3 million EV sales in the matter of 3 years through these policies. The policies would start with a period of 3 months to 3 years starting in 2019.

The EV manufacturers will also give specific suggestions to the ministries on the different aspects of electric mobility in the second week of September. They want to bring back focus to short and long term targets related to the Electric Vehicles. Director of corporate affairs at SMEV, Sohinder Gill stated that their 3-month target is extremely important more than the 7-year plan. In order to successfully achieve the targets, they want to bring their focus to the short term which is 3-6 months till the next three years but not beyond that. In the second week of September, the group will put forward their segment wise suggestions, from buses to two-wheelers. They will suggest their plans to various ministries and the Niti Ayog for promotion.

The EV industry of India comprises of just 1% of the total vehicle sales dominated by 95% of two-wheeler sales. However, the EV market is expecting to show good growth rates and raising its sales per year in the country by 2020. The EV adoption will see reduced battery prices, increasing consumer awareness and stricter emission norms according to an ASSOCHAM-EY joint study.

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