Business Couples giving us serious Life and Career Goals

When two strong and determined individuals with similar goals and aspirations get married, they not only walk down the aisle of their future but also their entrepreneurial dream. In some cases, the interest clashes, but even though, couple entrepreneurs can inspire many to follow their dreams and passion.

We will talk about such five powerful couple entrepreneurs who joined hands to build a successful business and gave many like us major life goals. While they enjoy the perks of living and working together, they also inspire everyone to be their own boss!

  1. Nidhi and Shikhar Singh – Founders, Samosa Singh

This couple sold their flat to start a business with India’s most loved snack – Samosa. The brand sells unique and innovative Samosas which started operations in 2016. By adding their own touch and making the snack healthier, the couple invited us to “Experience the Change” as reads their tagline. Nidhi was quoted saying that Samosa is the one thing that everyone eats and the snack unites all Indians. The couple have a background in biotechnology hence they invested in R&D to prepare a healthy snack while making sure it doesn’t lose its traditional touch.

Their samosas give us interesting insights as it has an interlock shape and is slightly puffed. Their cooking technique makes the snack 56% less in fat and 43% less in calories. Some of their main dishes include classic aloo samosa, kadai paneer samosa, chicken makhani samosa and a very interesting chocolate samosa dessert. Now who wouldn’t want that!

  1. Shubhra Chadda and Vivek Prabhakar – Chumbak

Lifestyle brand Chumbak offers the quirkiest and interesting range of products and has become a popular name in India. The company was started in March 2010 as souvenir store that offered bright and colourful pieces of art to add an element of fun in Indian souvenirs.

Co-founder Vivek said that the couple was bored of the usual Taj Mahal replicas that were the only souvenir options in the country. The wanted to give travellers some more options that were hip and still represented India and that’s how Chumbak came into be. The couple invested Rs. 40m lakh of their savings and made the brand so much more than souvenirs. In no time, the brand became a lifestyle brand offering products like stationary, bags, key chains, apparels and home furnishing items.

The couple got married in 2004 and while the husband loves to cook, Shubhra defines herself as a yoga enthusiast. They followed their passion and since then there’s no looking back.

  1. Rohan and Swati Bhargava – Founders, Cashkaro

The college friends fell in love and got married in the UK and started a cashback venture called Pouring Pounds. After this, the couple moved to their home country to start another successful venture the popular CashKaro. Today the portal is a leading player in the Indian market that previously raised a funding of $4 million by Kalaari Capital.

The couple states that they love the feeling of building and creation. They started the company from scratch and they love the feeling of freedom and responsibility with team expansion and more. The couple believes that the entrepreneurial environment is conducive to growth and experimentation. The find it essential to surround themselves with passionate and proficient individulas.

Cashkaro evolved from offering cashback and coupons and moved into price comparison. The couple was motivated by the success of cashback websites globally and started their own cashback model.

  1. Taru and Ankur Gupta – Entrepreneurs under Amway Business Owner model (ABO)

The couple became a social media sensation in past couple months for their inspiring entrepreneurial success. Everyone was wondering who the couple is that’s making rounds on all major social media websites.

Ankur and Taru are entrepreneurs under Amway’s guided entrepreneurship model and their story perfectly inspired many and is worth knowing. An IIT Delhi graduate, Ankur was working for one of the leading VLSI design companies in the world. Taru had done her MBA and worked as an HR Manager in an Oberoi hotel chain unit. While living a perfect life the couple relaised their passion didn’t match their careers and so they took a leap of faith and to become entrepreneurs under Amway Business Owner model (ABO) which empowers individuals through guided entrepreneurship.

This opportunity involves retailing Amway products directly from manufacturers to the customers. Therefore, it will offer income potential, travel opportunities among others. Ankur and Taru managed to have ample family time and financial security through the venture.

  1. Krunal and Jill Veera – The Board Game Co.

Krunal was an investment banker and Veera worked for Viacom. The couple saw the importance of stress management. And found board games as a perfect solution for corporate & family bonding. They started The Board Game company that offers strategically designed board games in offices. The games are designed to help in stress management and gain excellent mental health in a fun manner.

The couple said that they curate games from all over the world and aim to give people better relationships at work. Alongside, build empathy between teams and departments. They launched their company from their home in June this year. The duo worked with smart interns and build more than 75 games each with a different theme and design that tells a story. The couple believes that the games will also give the employees a much-needed break whenever required and aim to help develop necessary skill sets.

Krunal and Veera aim at setting up official programmes of skill enhancement using board games for both corporates and children. Krunal stated that this venture will help develop intellectual and creative thinking while enhancing an individual’s concentration and attention spans. The games will also undoubtedly teach the players the importance of teamwork.

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