This Coffee Startup is Brewing Success

Image result for sleepy owl coffeeIndian summer has always been resentful to all. Travelling becomes a bitter task, cold beverages become our best friends. However, even in this scorching heat, some of us simply cannot do without our daily dose of caffeine and look for that hot coffee mug. While coffee is an inseparable aspect of our morning routine, one still tries to find cold alternatives.

Not to worry anymore, as this startup solves the exact problem. Sleepy Owl has come up with ground roasted coffee beans, that need brewing overnight and is ready for your morning caffeine consumption. The company claims to use single-origin Arabica beans grown at 5300ft. in Chikamaglur, Karnataka which is the best of quality in the country. The cold brew just needs ice, desired sugar and a small amount of milk making it taste incredible!

The dosage comes packed in cardboard cartons which lasts a month. The startup solves the issue of easy access, easy storage and easy consumption. The kind of drink that can be consumed anywhere, anytime. The products they offer are small-large already freshly brewed coffee cartons, that are ready to consume. They also offer roasted ground bean pouches that need to be brewed for 12-14 hours in room temperature. The products can be ordered online from their website. They are also available on selective stores like Modern Bazaar, Le Marche and Foodhall. The price ranges between Rs. 300-600 per box.

About the company

Sleepy-Owl Founders

The venture was founded in June 2016 by Ajai Thandi, who at the time was trying to find his own ‘easy-access’ and delicious hot coffee alternative. The chocolaty and nutty element of the beans enhances the coffee’s flavour giving its customers great satisfaction.

Don’t worry about your caffeine dose anymore, re-charge your brain cells with the super delicious Sleepy Owl coffee!

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