BK Syngal alleges Favouritism in Padma Awards

BK Syngal, Ex-CMD, VSNL and father of Internet in India has levelled serious allegations against the government of India. He has accused Modi government of favouritism in conferring Padma awards. Will the government come clean on his statements? Do they have answers to his questions?

Ex-CMD, VSNL and father of Internet & Data Services in India – BK Syngal – has alleged favouritism in Padma awards.

BK Syngal quit his job with the United Nations so as to come back and serve his motherland when persuaded by the then government in 1991. He led VSNL to grow exponentially and also get listed on London Stock Exchange. He led the successful execution of India’s biggest and Asia’s third largest Global Depository Receipts (GDR) issue worth $527 million.

BK Syngal also played a major role in unraveling the 2G Scam.

Despite his five-decade exemplary service to the nation, BK Syngal, Former Chairman and Managing Director of VSNL, still awaits a national recognition – A Padma Award.

Talking about favouritism in Padma Awards, he said, “I don’t think anybody is looking at merit. They are looking at ideology.” “I am being ignored because I served during the Congress government. But then I also exposed the 2G scam? Had I been going to Shakha, then I guess, I would have got the award 10 times.” “I have done so much for the country, especially the software export, exposing the 2G scam, introducing the country to the investors, biggest GDR issue out of India, brought Internet. Chinese came to us and asked, “Syngal Sir! How did you bring the Internet?”

Doesn’t this National Hero deserve a Padma Award? Please share your views.

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