Baba Ramdev wrong: Homosexuality no disorder, says Psychiatric Society

Not a very long while ago, Baba Ramdev had condemned homosexuality and declared it a disorder. Ramdev had even claimed to cure the “unnatural” through mental treatments and yoga. While there were many people who bashed him against his anti-gay statements, Baba Ramdev didn’t withdraw his declaration and stood by his claims.

However, proving the baba wrong, the psychiatric society has deduced that homosexuality is not a psychiatric disorder. In an online statement, the society declared “same sex sexuality as a normal variant of human sexuality much like heterosexuality and bisexuality.” The statement also added: “There is no scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be altered by any treatment and any such attempts may in fact lead to low self-esteem and stigmatisation of the person.”

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code has been debating on the topic since a long time. In 2009, the section was decriminalised by The Delhi High Court while in 2013 the orders were set aside by the Supreme Court. The apex court referred the section to the constitution bench and announced that it would revisit its constitutional validity, in January this year.

Homosexuality and Homophobia: Baba and Science

In December 2015, Baba Ramdev’s tweet on homosexuality went viral and invited a lot of criticism.

Many activists and supporters called him out saying homosexuality is not a disease. Homophobia is again very common in people of the country. Baba’s comments and claims just make it strong. Despite the criticisms, Baba Ramdev stayed on his word. He previously had said, “Homosexuality is not genetic. If our parents were homosexuals, then we would not have been born. So it’s unnatural” Baba had even invited the gay community to his ashram guaranteeing them to “cure” their homosexuality.

“We have to protect our morals. Apart from being religious, I am also a doctor. Yoga is another form of curing diseases. There are many types of disorders. According to me whatever is the reason for homosexuality, be it in their genes or in their brain, it is a deformity. We cannot call this a healthy mindset.” he added.


Manish Sharma, a LGBT activist told FounderINDIA, “Doctors have already claimed homosexuality not to be a disease. World Health Organisation (WHO) has also deleted any such claims. It is a world known fact that there is nothing “unnatural” about homosexuality.”

“What the psychiatric society has said is very true. Baba Ramdev shouldn’t comment on something he isn’t aware of. He is not a doctor, but a yoga expert. It’s true that yoga can cure a lot of diseases, but homosexuality is not a disease. Yoga is a powerful phenomenon that can even bring us close to God. However, it cannot cure homosexuality as it is not a disease. It is a natural process in human beings and even animals. Baba Ramdev is a well reputed and trusted personality. He shouldn’t mislead the masses, and promote any myths. He should rather have an open and healthy discussion with doctors to understand about the subject better.” Manish added.

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