In the race to ‘Break’ stories and churn out ‘Exclusives’, the onus of doing in-depth analysis and ‘Editorials’ has largely remained with print media. TV and digital media contribute little to no space for a sensible discourse. We present Editorial in Video format.

We don’t report, we analyse!

founderINDIA is a digital business news platform that broadcasts interviews with leading figures from the world of business. From reviewing the business of politics and world affairs, to discussing the emerging trends in technology, FMCG, hospitality, travel, publishing, and many others, we deep-dive into all that’s relevant to young and ambitious India.

Our candid talk shows take you on a journey through entrepreneurship in India while underscoring the strengths and struggles of millennial entrepreneurs. With serious dialogue as well as freewheeling chats, founderINDIA captures the pulse of the nation with sense and sensibility.

The new-age media startup aims to produce high-quality media content and broadcast through leading OTT platforms. The top shows are aired on Amazon fireTV, preceded and followed by promotions on YouTUBE and IGTV, among other social media channels.

founderINDIA comes with a vision to create a video editorial platform for millennials. Traditional business media has little space or at times fails to match the expectations, fulfil the needs, and understand the nuances of new-age businesses and the mindset of young businesses and entrepreneurs. We aim at filling the gap. We look forward to setting new standards in reporting and analysing the facts about the young business world and highlighting the new-age struggles of millennial entrepreneurs.

Lights… Camera… Discuss!

Young entrepreneurs are sharp, vocal and straightforward. And they require an equally agile yet settled, serious platform that showcases in-depth analysis of issues, sectors, policies, genres and brand stories. That’s what we are doing.

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  1. Aravindh 4 months ago

    Hello Team,

    I am Aravindh, Co-Founder of the Healthcare startup aroundU. Recently I
    came across The Founder India magazine and found it interesting. Looking forward to
    discuss about featuring our startup story.

    Google Play:

    Link of past articles

    Corporate Bytes:

    Thanks and Regards
    Aravindh R
    Mobile: 9003737575

  2. founderINDIA Team 1 month ago

    Hi Aravindh,

    Thanks for writing in.
    Our team will soon connect with you. Thanks.

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