Businesses have evolved; young entrepreneurs are fast replacing the old ones. Hence, strategies are fresh. The approach towards the BRAND – its positioning, structure, team hierarchy, office culture, and work style have all changed. What still remains to change is ‘Business Reporting’. The media.

We don’t believe in Balance-sheet Journalism!


founderINDIA comes with a vision to redefine business journalism. The Dino-era business media fails to match the expectations, fulfil the needs, and understand the nuances of the new age businesses – the mindset of young businesses & entrepreneurs. Therefore, we aim at filling the gap. We look forward to setting new standards in reporting the facts about the young business world and highlighting the new-age struggles of millennial entrepreneurs.

Young entrepreneurs are sharp, vocal and straightforward. Hence, they don’t like beating around the bush. Nor do we! Our questions are double-edged and spare no one. That’s what we are and that’s how we want to be.

Questioning government policies, reporting facts, and raising the voices and concerns of the industry is our priority. And we are committed to it. That’s the core of our journalism – our business reporting, because we want development and want it now.

Eyes open, Tongue sharp

We will blatantly come out with the truth. Be ready to know what’s actually happening. We will audit the idea, the leadership and the trajectory of brands. We reveal the real intentions. Who is investing for the sake of helping the venture grow big and succeed, and not just to bloat the venture, raise the valuations and shift the burden with some quick money made? What’s the government doing to help or hinder the businesses? Questioning is the key.

Join us in this revolution that will change the way business reporting is done. Together we re-write the history of business journalism.

Most importantly, we dare to look into the eyes of the policymakers, highlight the real issues faced by the industry, and seek resolution. And this package comes sans any sugar coating, and that’s a guarantee.

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  1. Aravindh 2 months ago

    Hello Team,

    I am Aravindh, Co-Founder of the Healthcare startup aroundU. Recently I
    came across The Founder India magazine and found it interesting. Looking forward to
    discuss about featuring our startup story.

    Website: http://www.aroundu.in
    Google Play: https://buff.ly/2PnpCVS

    Link of past articles

    Corporate Bytes:

    Thanks and Regards
    Aravindh R
    Mobile: 9003737575

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