20-year-old Yahoo Messenger to be discontinued from July 17

It seems like the end of an era as one of the earliest messaging/chatting platform Yahoo Messenger is shutting down on July 17, 2018. Nostalgic much?



Before the chatting/messaging options like Whatsapp and Facebook, we had Yahoo Messenger that saved us from paying a Rupee per text through our phone messaging. It is one of the first chatting apps of its kind. It was the cool app for the youth of that time before the emergence of Whatsapp and Facebook. And now, the ‘era’ draws to a close on July 17.

Yahoo Messenger was launched on 9 March, 1998 and was initially called Yahoo Pager. The messaging platform was rebranded as Yahoo Messenger on June 21, 1999. Yahoo was one of the very first platforms to have introduced us to group chats and chat rooms. Long before we started using the ‘emojis’ on our smartphones or even ‘smart emojis’, Yahoo had given us fun emoticons and features to choose from. Moreover, the platform also supported video calls and were one of the firsts to give us the option of multimedia sharing.

Yahoo is operated by Oath, the subsidiary of Verizon who have decided to put the 2-decade old application to rest. After shutting down its messenger, Yahoo will introduce a new app namely ‘Squirrel’. Squirrel is in beta-testing mode since last month and will be launched to public after the shutdown of Yahoo Messenger on June 17. The users on messenger will be able to download their chat history on Squirrel by Download-Verify-Register steps. Users will get a maximum of 6 months to download their chat. Yahoo on its website said that they are focusing on building new communication tools that will be exciting and fit the consumer needs better.

It’s time we say goodbye to the messenger that introduced us to the world of chatting, presented us with cool abbreviations and helped us connect with our friends better!

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